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Smart Contract Audits Made Easy.

Smart contracts audited by third party bounty hunters incentivized by the community.

Smart Contract Auditing

Get your smart contracts audited by the most diverse pool of talent.

Etherscan Compatable

Submit successful audits to Etherscan for your community to see.

Stake & Earn Rewards

You don't have to be a developer to earn with DINO. Invest in DINO and stake your liquidity tokens to earn High APY rewards.

Earn Bounty Rewards

Do you have knowledge in smart contract development and security? Audit smart contracts and get paid for finding bugs or vulnerabilities!

Ensuring the security of the DeFi community.

Affordable and publically available smart contract audit solutions all in one place. Safe & effective alternative for both entrepeneurs and freelancers.

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Why Audit With DINO?

See why so many blockchain startups choose DINO to audit their smart contracts



  • Set a budget
  • Allow bidding
  • Only pay for completed work
  • Get the best rates



  • Hastle free
  • Fast responses
  • Multiple participants
  • Priority service



  • One click solution
  • Upload and relax
  • Live monitoring
  • 24/7 support

Complete Coverage Of Your Smart Contracts.

Full Coverage backed by Public liquidity staking with incentivized rewards for those who find vulnerabilities.

  • High return yield farming
  • Fast efficient & effective
  • Fair payment escrow
  • Easy to use
  • 100% sucess rate
  • Large pool of talent

Bug Bounty Program

Get started with DINO today and begin auditing smart contract code to earn bounty rewards for successful and verified bug or vulnerability fixes!

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